Professional recognition - List of professions

Here you can get information on the legal steps and the public authorities to be borne in mind in connection with the recognition of your professional qualifications. The individual regulated professions are assigned to groups of professions.

A regulated profession is any profession requiring evidence of certain competences: education and training and/or professional experience.

Sensitive professions are professions containing health and/or safety risks. These professions are subject to qualification verification even in case of temporary service provision.

You can apply for a European professional card in some professions.

Education, childcare and pedagogy
Early childhood educator
Inclusive elementary educator
Nursery educator
Teachers at General Compulsory Schools
Teachers at Part-time Vocational Schools
Teachers at VET Schools and Colleges
Forestry and agriculture professions
Forest Assistant - Sensitive Profession
Forest Engineer - Sensitive Profession
Forest Warden
Forester - Sensitive Profession
Junior Forest Official - - Sensitive Profession
Healthcare professions
Anaesthetic nursing - Sensitive Profession
Assistant Nurses
Assistent prosector
Biomedical analysts - Sensitive Profession
Dental Assistance
Dental Practitioners
Desinfection assistant
Dieticians - Sensitive Profession
Doctor´s surgery assistant
First-/Second-level Emergency Medical Technicians
General practitioner
Healthcare Psychologist - Sensitive Profession
Healthcare/Clinical Psychologists - Temporary Services - Sensitive Profession
Hospital Hygiene - Sensitive Profession
Intensive care - Sensitive Profession
Intensive paediatric care - Sensitive Profession
Laboratory assistant
Medical Masseur - Sensitive Profession
Music Therapist - Sensitive Profession
Nurse Responsible for General Care
Nursing Care - Managerial tasks - Sensitive Profession
Nursing Care - Teaching Tasks - Sensitive Profession
Occupational therapists - Sensitive Profession
Operating theatre assistant
Paediatric nursing - Sensitive Profession
Physiotherapists - Sensitive Profession
Plastering assistant
Prophylaxis assistants
Psychiatric nursing - Sensitive Profession
Psychotherapist - Sensitive Profession
Qualified Cardio-Technicians/Perfusionist - - Sensitive Profession
Radiological technologists - Sensitive Profession
Radiology assistant
Renal nursing - Sensitive Profession
Specialised doctor
Speech therapists - Sensitive Profession
Surgical nursing - Sensitive Profession
Therapeutic Masseur - Sensitive Profession
Liberal professions
Chartered Accountants
Civil engineer
Management accounter
Veterinary practitioner
Other professions
Book-maker, betting broker
Regulated businesses or trades
blasting contractor - Sensitive Profession
boat bilder
brass instrument maker
cabinet maker
car body construction and painting technician
chemical laboratories - Sensitive Profession
chemist - Sensitive Profession
chimney sweep - Sensitive Profession
cleaning of monuments facades and buildings
communications electronics
consulting engineers - Sensitive Profession
contact lens optician - Sensitive Profession
cosmetics (beauty care) - Sensitive Profession
dairy technology
debt-collecting institutes
dental technician - Sensitive Profession
electrical engineering - Sensitive Profession
employment agencies
flooring installer
foot care - Sensitive Profession
forwarding agent including shipping agents
gas and sanitary engineering - Sensitive Profession
glass-blowing and manufacture of glass apparatus
glazier glass-facing work and plate-glass polishing - Sensitive Profession
gold and silversmith
gold plater and decorator
gold/silver/metal beater
grain miller
gunmaker (gunsmith) including trade in arms - Sensitive Profession
hair dresser and wig maker (stylist)
harmonica maker
hearing-aid acoustics - Sensitive Profession
heating engineering
hospitality industry
house painter
insurance intermediary (insurance agent, insurance broker and adviser providing insurance advice)
labour leasing
life and social coaching - Sensitive Profession
maker of mens clothing
maker of womens clothing
manufacture of cardboard goods
manufacture of clothing and linen
manufacture of cosmetic products - Sensitive Profession
manufacture of leather fashion accessories and bag making
manufacture of pyrotechnic articles as well as trading in pyrotechnic articles (pyrotechnic companies) - Sensitive Profession
manufacture of wallets cases and boxes
massage - Sensitive Profession
master builder - Sensitive Profession
master stone mason including artificial stone and terrazzo maker - Sensitive Profession
master well builder
master woodbuilder - Sensitive Profession
mechatronics technician specialising in electrical engineering and automation
mechatronics technician specialising in electronic office and EDP systems technology
mechatronics technician specialising in mechanical and production engineering
mechatronics technician specialising in medical device technology
metal design
metal technology worker specialising in agricultural machinery and construction machinery
metal technology worker specialising in forging and vehicle construction
metal technology worker specialising in metal and mechanical engineering
ophtalmic optics - Sensitive Profession
organ maker
orthopaedic shoemaker - Sensitive Profession
orthopaedic technology
paperhanger and upholsterer
pastry chef (confectioner) including gingerbread bakers and candied fruit ice cream and chocolates makers
paviour and tiler
pest control - Sensitive Profession
piano maker
plasterer and drywall fitter
plastics processing
polishing and shaping of hollow glass
printer and platemaker
producer and wholesaler of pharmaceuticals and poisons - Sensitive Profession
production and preparation as well as renting of medical devices to the extent these activities do not fall under a different regulated business or trade and trading in and renting of medical devices - Sensitive Profession
professional financial advice
prothetists and orthotists - Sensitive Profession
real estate agent
real estate trustee (real estate agent, real estate manager, building project organiser)
refrigeration and air-conditioning
repair of motor vehicles - Sensitive Profession
road/street works operative
saddler including coach trimming and harness making
safety centre
safety representative
securities broker
security sector (private investigator, security guard) - Sensitive Profession
stove fitter - Sensitive Profession
string instrument maker
surface technology
tailor for leather clothing
textile cleaner (dry cleaner launderer and ironer)
thermal acoustic and fire insulation
tourist guide
travel agencies
tyre vulcaniser/repairer
undertaking business - Sensitive Profession
ventilation technician
wood turner
wood-wind instrument maker
Social care professions
Certified social worker with focus on working with elderly
Home assistant
Qualified social worker with focus on working with the elderly
Sport and leisure professions
Cave guide - Sensitive Profession
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