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Welcome to the Single Point of Contact (PSC)

The Point of Single Contact (PSC) is part of a EU quality network (Your Europe) of European Points of Single Contact and assistance and problem-solving services based on the Single Digital Gateway (SDG).
Here you can get information on the procedures for the recognition of professional qualifications and concerning the access to, and exercise of, services.

For other important things to observe in connection with the PSC and for learning the easiest way to use it, go to "What is the PSC?" ("Was ist der EAP") and "Help" ("Hilfe").

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Business situations

Berufsanerkennung Professional recognition
Examination for practical knowledge, ...
Betriebsgründung Business start-up
Business registration, …
Betriebsführung Business management
Business expansion, relocation, nomination, ...
Betriebsübernahme Business takeover
Reorganisation, business continuation, …
Betriebsauflösung Business dissolution
Dissolution of a business, liquidation, ...
Arbeiten über die Grenze Cross-border services
Notification of services, ...
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